The Golden Ticket

The Golden Ticket

Sometimes life throws us something we aren’t expecting- a loss, an injury.

Sometimes we invite a change into our lives with a move, new relationship, new goal or dream.  

When we find ourselves in this position, sometimes there’s a pull toward comparison with other people. A tendency to compare our inside feelings with an outside appearance, especially when we feel out of control, insecure and overwhelmed.  We may then begin to think that “we are missing something that others have”, “that we aren’t enough”, that we need the ‘golden ticket ‘ in order to feel at peace or at least marginally comfortable again.

Actually we have the golden ticket inside us already.  

It’s the golden ticket of meeting ourselves where we are with self acceptance

Ok so what does that mean?  And how do we do that when we are feeling so out of control and overwhelmed? 

It means that we allow ourselves to be exactly who we are in this situation, without judgement and without demanding perfection.  It means that we open up to the notion that there isn’t one right way to live a life, that the challenge is to authentically and wholeheartedly live the life we are experiencing.

How do we do that?  

If only there was a one size fits all blueprint that I could share.

There isn’t.  

What I can share are tools to guide you toward more self-acceptance, toward meeting yourself where you are with kindness and compassion:

  1. Take a pause and notice what’s going on in your thoughts, your emotions and in your body. Notice, don’t attach.  Be curious, not judgmental.

  2. Acknowledge your inherent worth, within the circumstance you are experiencing.  You have worth because you are here and you are you.

  3. Let go of comparison with others, even if you have to let go in tiny pieces. LET IT GO. It is toxic and invalid.  It serves to undermine your worth, progress and unique experience of your life.

  4. Affirm your efforts, however uncomfortable it may feel. Affirming our efforts increases motivation and fuels a growth mindset.

  5. Embrace the awkward. Whenever we are learning there is going to be an awkward stage. Lean in.

  6. Self-empathy. Integration Nation Episode 212: Empathy- The Magic Wand can help you with this.

Self-acceptance is essential for us to develop authentic intimacy with ourselves and with other people.  It releases us from the tyranny of comparison and supports us in the direction of our heart. Anything that does that merits the distinction as a golden ticket.

Take hold of your golden ticket as you meet yourself where you are at, lean in and grow.

As always. please leave any comments or questions you may have on meeting yourself where you are at in the comments or shoot us an e-mail.

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