Who We Are & What We Do…


What is Integrative Mental Health

At Alison Sullivan and Associates we see people as more than just their thoughts, behavior patterns or a set of physical symptoms.

We work with people integratively:

In mind, body and spirit because we believe that well-being is a natural state occurring when a person’s mind, body and spirit are working in harmony.  That’s why we have 2 psychotherapists, a massage therapist and a yoga instructor within our practice.

This allows our clients to attend to their unique needs holistically:

In one setting, eliminating the hassle of scheduling multiple appointments at various places and increasing communication between your health care providers. Many of our clients take advantage of multiple services within our practice and find that they are quickly able to reach their health goals,  freeing them to create the life of their dreams!


Alison Sullivan, LCSW

As the owner of Alison Sullivan and Associates, I am passionate about the effectiveness of integrative mental health treatment approaches.  I am trained as a Social Worker, or LCSW with over 20 years experience, and I hold additional certifications in Hypnosis and Mental Health Integrative Medicine. I firmly believe in empowering people to move beyond whatever is limiting them. I counsel and provide therapy for individuals and couples that feel “stuck” in their lives or who are looking to shift long held beliefs and patterns that no longer fit. Those beliefs and patterns along with nutritional and lifestyle components are often what people find lies beneath the symptoms of depression, anxiety, relationship struggles and career challenges. I also value the opportunity to join with people as they grieve the losses we all experience as human beings and as they adapt to the many transitions or curve balls that life can throw.

I am passionate about walking side by side with people as they discover the power they have within themselves to create lives that are meaningful and deeply satisfying. Through self-acceptance and nonjudgmental acceptance of another we free ourselves to become who we are meant to be and therefore we are then able to free others to do the same.

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Integrative Mental Health Psychotherapist in Fredericksburg, VA

Integrative Health Psychotherapist and Art therapist in Fredericksburg, VA

Caitlin Kelly, LPC, ATR-BC

With a clinical and integrative mental health background as a psychotherapist, art therapist, and yoga teacher I am passionate about meeting each client where they are. Being a part of Alison Sullivan & Associates enables me to use my integrative background working with children, adolescents, and adults struggling with anxiety, depression (including prenatal/postnatal), identity, and body image issues at the inpatient, partial, IOP, and outpatient levels of care. Specifically, I focus on empowering women and adolescent girls to recognize their innate worth. I understand that often-times the recovery process is a layered one, and work with clients to challenge unhealthy thought patterns, explore alternative coping skills, and understand the underlying experiences behind symptoms while honoring the individual through the therapeutic journey.

Incorporating CBT, DBT, and Existential art therapy into the therapeutic process, I support clients to explore body image distortion, increase body tolerance, explore identity development, explore gender and sexual identity, channel impulsive behavior and self-harm, feel grounded and present, in addition to addressing issues of depression, anxiety, trauma, and substance-abuse.

Additionally, I work with clients using mindfulness and art therapy techniques to provide trauma-informed care in a safe and nurturing environment.

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Cindy Dojcak, CMT

Cindy is a certified Massage Therapist, specializing in therapeutic massage.

She has received formal training in Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release, Spinal Reflex Therapy, soft tissue melting, stretching and hot stone massage. Her goal is to assist people dealing with muscular pain and tightness due to stress or physical injury utilizing these effective therapeutic massage techniques.

No matter what issues you face, she is here to get you back to good health and comfortable pain-free living.

Every body deserves to be pain free!

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Massage therapist in downtown Fredericksburg, VA

Marketing director for integrative health therapist  in Fredericksburg, VA

Haley Mills, Marketing Director

I graduated from Liberty University with a degree in Business Administration: Marketing. My passion for marketing is derived from being able to serve others by bridging the gap of a person’s needs and the good or service that will fulfill those needs and better that person’s life. Creativity has always been a passion and talent of mine. Being an extrovert, marketing enables me to interact with people while applying my creativity to my work.

Working for a business that incorporates integrative health into their practice and how clients’ needs are met allows me to fit right in and work passionately on campaigns. In my free time, I love working on my fitness and overall health, whether it’s completing a triathlon or training for powerlifting. Completing these things calls for an all-around integrative health approach in making sure that I am the best me that I can possibly be.