3 Meditation Myths & Common Mistakes

3 Meditation Myths & Common Mistakes

Meditation is a science backed activity that relieves stress and, unfortunately, has some misinformation surrounding it. Today we are going to look at and debunk a few of these myths and misconceptions that gives meditation and meditation classes a bad rep.

Myth #1:

Meditation benefits take years to notice.

NOPE, research suggests people can begin to benefit from meditation in as little as 10 minutes a day. Measurable brain changes occur after 8 weeks of daily 20 minute meditation practices.

Myth #2:

Your mind has to be empty for it to work.  

Once again, nope.

Meditation practices and experiences are as varied as types of candy that I love, so in other words, a lot.

Myth #3:

Meditation is B.S.

This is also false because, meditation has a robust science backing and many proven benefits to improve your health and overall life.

Now that we have debunked a few myths, what are 3 of the most common mistakes made when attempting meditation?

3 Most Common Meditation Mistakes

  1. Giving up.

  2. Giving up.

  3. Giving up.

That’s right, really the only mistake you can make is to give up.

Meditation is a relationship that is dynamic and with practice can become a primary tool in your wellness bag.

So, don’t give up! Keep learning in your pursuit of a better and healthier you!

If you want to learn more about Meditation and all of it’s benefits (reduce anxiety and depression, reduce stress, improve work efficiency just to name a few) check out our upcoming Meditation for Beginners class at our office located in downtown Fredericksburg by clicking here!

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