Psychotherapy Myth #3: Therapy is a Magic Wand

Psychotherapy Myth #3: Therapy is a Magic Wand


Therapy is a magic wand.


Therapy is a process, a relationship and a conversation.

(Side note: conversation is my current favorite word).

Therapy develops and supports you in self awareness, self discovery, personal accountability and learning how to peacefully and more completely belong to yourself.

The conversation that is had in therapy, that process is dynamic.

Therapy explores you, your story, your supporting cast, your plot line.

It isn’t about a director telling you what to do and how to do it- and then presto chango, the work is instantly done. 

Therapy is a conversation, a dance that reveals to you the unique beauty, magic and potential within you by examining the “themes” of your experiences and relationships.

Week after week, session after session, therapy opens you to yourself more completely which in turn opens up your life to new possibilities outside of the therapy sessions.

That’s important for several reasons.

If therapy was a magic wand, it would rob you of the best adventure of your life; getting intimately and LOVINGLY connected to you.

If therapy was a magic wand, you wouldn’t discover how capable, competent and confident you are when you are accountable, when you develop self acceptance, when you risk change.

That awareness and those experiences ARE the magic of the therapy process and conversation.

Doing the work to change your life, and allowing therapy to support you, rebels against instant perfectionism. Instead, it says, “Sit down for awhile so you can learn to love all of your imperfect self. Can I get you a cup of tea while you’re here?”

Contact us today at our downtown Fredericksburg, VA to begin your journey of self-discovery and begin therapy online or locally to have relationship and conversation.

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