Art Therapy Workshop

Our art therapy workshop will enable you to effectively learn how to express your feelings and emotions through art helping you to manage your mental health. This course will be taught and led by Caitlin Kelly an LPC and licensed art therapist who has a clinical and integrative mental health background as a psychotherapist, and yoga teacher. Caitlin will lead this art therapy workshop using mindfulness and art therapy techniques to provide a safe and nurturing environment to honor the individual through the therapeutic journey. 

Art therapy workshop for teens and adults in Northern Virginia.

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Food Mood Reboot: Empowering You to Manage Your Mood With Food

Discover more about food and how a genuine mindful relationship with food can transform your life and eating habits.This 4 week online course will be packed full of information to help you learn more about food and how it truly impacts your mental health and physical well-being and how to reshape and deepen your relationship with what you eat.

Meditation For Beginners

Meditation for Beginners is a five-week group to gain knowledge and practice with diverse types of meditation practices. Meditation is a science-backed complementary treatment for anxiety, depression & stress-management. It also increases joy, relaxation & positive relationship with yourself. Join us this in this workshop and give yourself the gift of increased wellness in a safe and supportive environment.

Meditation workshop offered at our Fredericksburg, VA Therapist office

Meditation- A Deeper Dive workshop offered at our Fredericksburg, VA office.

Meditation 201

A deeper dive for anyone looking for more. Maybe you’ve taken our beginning meditation and are interested in next steps, maybe you want to reinvigorate your meditation practice and want support to do that, maybe you simply want more tools in your meditation toolbox. Maybe, you meditate with online apps and also understand the value of small groups to deepen your meditation practice. If that’s you, then this is your workshop! We believe people are entitled to freedom, joy and belonging. Meditation 201, a deeper dive, supports that through the brain science behind meditation practice specifically designed for focus, anxiety, depression and trauma. Join us for our four week dive and emerge more deeply connected to yourself and your life.

Mindfulness 101

Our Mindfulness 101 workshop takes the mystery away from mindfulness. Come discover easy, practical ways to become more present in your daily life and be able to shake off the distractions that weigh you down. Each 90 minute group will focus on a specific practical mindfulness tool, provide time for questions and discussion and end with a guided meditation.

Statues created by

Statues created by

Aromatherapy workshop on essential oils offered at our Fredericksburg, VA counseling office.

Aromatherapy 101

An introductory Aromatherapy workshop to help you learn about the many wonderful ways essential oils can support your physical and mental health and enhance your healthcare toolkit! Discover how to use aromatherapy as an integrative mental health approach.

Beginning Gentle Yoga

An opportunity for you to begin a safe, supportive relationship with yoga in a very small group setting.  No prior experience with yoga is necessary; receive personalized instruction to assist you in gaining confidence in your ability to practice yoga. Allow this experience to calm you, empower you and help you discover a deeper connection to yourself.

A beginner’s workshop for yoga offered at our downtown Fredericksburg, VA office.

Workshop about nutrition and a person’s relationship with food offered online & at our office in Northern Virginia.

Food & Mood

A 12-week group that allows you to learn need to know about food and its impact on your health & mood. Participating in this workshop enables you to discover & understand the impact of various foods and eating habits on your mood. Learn how to ENJOY food and FEEL better at the same time,  participants also receive recipes to use!

Looking for something a little… bigger? Check out our corporate workshops that we bring to your company!