The Symmetry of Intention & Affirmation

The Symmetry of Intention & Affirmation

Last week, in yoga I set my class intention as “enough” and reflected on when and how I don’t feel like I’m enough.

What are the triggers?

How do I mask the feelings of not enough?

That led me to the concept of worth…

Did I feel worthy and was that related to “enoughness” in my life.

What surfaced, was an affirmation; I am enough to give freely and worthy to receive abundantly.

Wow. Really?

I wondered if I believed that. It felt powerful, grounded even. The rest of my yoga class was infused with focused energy. Each time I said the affirmation, it seemed to flow more deeply through me, my breath carrying it to all the nooks and crannies of my body. Importantly, I knew that even if I didn’t fully believe the affirmation, the areas of unbelief would show up quickly. I’d be able reshape and restructure them so that I believed I was enough to give freely and worthy of receiving abundantly.

That’s the symmetry of intention and affirmation.

When we set an intention for ourselves, whether it’s a word, phrase or sentence, a path has been set. Affirmations are a vehicle to use along the path; the intention and affirmation work together clarifying and facilitating the achievement. It’s like the familiar situation of being hungry and not being sure of what you want to eat and how to get there. Without clarity about what you want (the intention) you can’t support yourself in getting it (the affirmation).

You’d drive all over town not sure what food you want or don’t want.

Do you want pizza? Maybe.

Mexican? I don’t know.

A sandwich? I guess, but not really.

How often do we do that in our lives. We know we want to go, do or explore something but we don’t take the time to get clear on the intention which impedes our ability to support ourselves along the way. Often carving out a few minutes when we feel a tugging in our heart or a repetitive thought in our mind begins the journey.

When we choose to explore the tug or the thought, it gives us insight into what we want and how we can set an intention, which then opens us up to the ability to create a unique affirmation to keep us on course, trusting the process of fulfillment.

Take time today and on a regular basis to reflect on those inner urges, nagging thoughts and often-repeating patterns of your life and allow that reflection to guide you toward an intention. You may be surprised, as I was in yoga, what type of affirmation develops to help hold and direct the intention. Then, enjoy the journey. My partner laughs whenever I say, “Let’s go get a salad, I have a hankering for some greens” but we get in the car knowing exactly where the best salads are, able to anticipate how good it’s going to taste and arrive where we want to go, every time.

P.S. You too, are enough to give freely and worth receiving abundantly.

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